Biomass Solutions

Wood biomass is becoming a very popular, effective and sustainable heating solution due to its positive impact on the environment, low cost and ease of use. When burning plant matter, just as when it rots it releases exactly the same amount of C02 as it takes in while growing. This maintains a ‘closed C02 cycle’ with no increase in atmospheric C02 levels when using wood biomass.

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Heating Services

SP Heating & Renewable Services are Gas Safe registered and qualified heating engineers with many years experience of providing heating services throughout Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. With the current requirements for high efficiency boilers we can advise on all aspects of energy efficiency within our industry. We offer a service at an affordable price.

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Green Deal Approved Installers & Assessors

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to help business and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties. The idea is simple; install new green technology into your property with no up front costs.

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SP Heating & Renewable Services are based in rural Herefordshire and provide all types of installations from cookers and boilers to biomass and ground source heat pumps, we are Registered Green deal assessors and installers and have access to funding for both ECO deal free boilers and green deal financed measures, call us today what ever your needs.

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Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive – Domestic RHI

An alternative heating installation starts at around £4,000. Over its lifetime this will offer significant fuel cost savings as fossil fuel prices inevitably rise. The RHI gives a guaranteed and generous income over a 7 year period. This means that for the first time a large number of alternative green installations make sense from both a financial and environmental point of view.

Acredited Heating Engineers